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Our Bundle of Joy - Diamond Polishing Bench in Russia

Neelart has supplied Diamond Polishing Bench to Vladivostok Russia, one year ago. Recently Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani visited our customer's plant. The sole purpose of the visit was to see how activities of Diamond Polishing is taking place in Russia. When we have received the order from our client their sole requirement was to have the best quality machines with the lowest possible vibrations. Every Diamond Polishing company now-a-days focuses on how to redu

Everything You Need To Know About Neelart Diamond Polishing Bench.

World Class Diamond Polishing Bench Neelart's Diamond Polishing Bench(Diamond Polishing Mill) is the outcome of 30 years of experience in an engineering industry engaged in design and manufacturing of high precision components, machine tools spindles. The type of product "Neelart" gives is only of its kind available in the diamond polishing industries. The first Diamond Polishing Bench was rolled out from our workshop in 2004 and since then almost 2000 such Diamond Polishing

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