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Everything You Need To Know About Neelart Diamond Polishing Bench.

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Neeart Diamond Polshing Mill
Neeart Diamond Polshing Machine

World Class Diamond Polishing Bench

Neelart's Diamond Polishing Bench(Diamond Polishing Mill) is the outcome of 30 years of experience in an engineering industry engaged in design and manufacturing of high precision components, machine tools spindles.

The type of product "Neelart" gives is only of its kind available in the diamond polishing industries. The first Diamond Polishing Bench was rolled out from our workshop in 2004 and since then almost 2000 such Diamond Polishing Benches are in service at our most valued customer's places till date.

Out of these 1500 have gone through 4 years of life with no maintenance and motor failure.

The Best design combined with right type of raw materials , heat treatment, perfection in component manufacturing, the latest technological development in anti-friction ball bearings , grease , the utmost precision in dynamic balancing of all rotating members and assembly, correct way of assembly in controlled and dust free operation theater like labs, perfect combination of cycles for running in testing and stabilizing YIELDS the UTMOST VIBRATION LESS, SOUNDLESS, MAINTENANCE FREE diamond polishing bench/mill, with 2 years PLUS of NO BOTHERATION service LIFE.

As an add on feature, the stopping of Diamond Polishing Bench can be made in just 30 seconds electronically using VFD drives.

This reduces the downtime of the machine during Scaife balancing and no damage to bearing or motors & most importantly to the operator as could happen during mechanical breaking.

This VFD breaking ensures there is no external force or jerk used to stop the Diamond Polishing Machine thereby helping to retain the vibration-less characteristic over a long period of service.

With The Use of VFD, This Diamond Polishing Bench Can be used up to 5000 RPM.

Due to the very low vibration of Diamond Polishing Machine THE PROBLEM OF VERTICAL JIRAM IS ALMOST GONE ( Breakage and Devaluation of Diamond)

You Can watch our machine demo below.

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